The Resignation Thing (cont’d.)

This is a continuation of a previous post.

First I met with one of their investigators, who took some information.  Then I had a phone conversation with one of the attorneys in the office named Dan Drake.  Drake accused me of being “mentally ill” and making “wild allegations”.  Then he started harassing me over my tardy registration fees, which were kind of near the bottom of my list of things to do since I was trying to resolve the Sephora Davis matter and leave the state.

This was in April of 2006.  Remember that.  It becomes important later in the story.

So then more shit happens in Livingston County Court and Judge Kohout down there makes this big screw up about what was in the Grand Jury transcripts, but now the Grievance Committee is hovering around asking questions so Kohout and the court reporter change the transcript of the proceeding to cover up her error.  This is a minor blip by comparison to everything else but it happened right around the same time, which made things even more complicated than they already were.

Then Drake “determines” that there’s nothing to my complaint within about 48 hours after no doubt “investigating” it thoroughly, and sends me a letter saying he has decided to drop his investigation of Moran and start “investigating” me.

Like I was going to be intimidated by that.  I mean seriously, what an asshole.

Anyway, that’s where things stayed with the Grievance Committee for a long time.  A few weeks later I filed the prohibition proceeding in the Appellate Division.  The one that was dismissed in December.

Now around that time – that is, Christmas time of 2006 – something weird happens.  Two letters come to Sephora’s family’s home in Avon:  one from Adrian Paige, and one from Shaun Theriault.  They were still in prison, of course, being held in different facilities.  Both of them indicated that they had been questioned in connection with the whole matter.

Of course Sephora’s family showed these letters to me, and I assumed that they had been prompted by jailhouse rumors owing to some recent news coverage about Sephora’s case and her going to prison and all, and that the “questioning” they had undergone referred to an earlier point, around July, where we were getting ready for trial and the police and DA’s were of course intimidating all my potential witnesses.

Then a couple of months later, in March of 2007, I get this “letter of caution” from Drake:


As it says right on them, letters of caution are “non-disciplinary”; but if they ever decide to discipline you later on they cite them as evidence that you are a “bad” lawyer.  Getting one is pretty much unimportant in and of itself, but it’s a little like when your employer starts officially picking at you for stupid shit:  you rightly suspect they’re laying the groundwork for firing you when they get the chance.

Notice how the letter refers in the third paragraph to having “closed” its investigation of Mr. Moran.  Well, I knew they had closed their investigation of Moran after I had made the complaint at Judge Marks’ suggestion back in April of ‘06.  I assumed that was what the letter was referring to, but the placing of that phrase in the letter puzzled me, because Drake also talked about the “moot” Appellate Division prohibition proceeding in the same paragraph.

Anyway, I had a petition for certiorari to write and Dan Drake and the Grievance Committee had shown themselves to be too ignorant, mentally lazy, and overall useless to bother with anyway.  For example, during one of my conversations with Drake it became apparent he didn’t know that Grand Jury proceedings were conducted in secret, though that had not prevented him from chastising me for not specifically knowing what had gone on in Grand Jury proceedings, which of course I had to explain to him that I couldn’t possibly know because they are secret.

To be continued….


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