Troy Davis – No SCOTUS Stay… (Update)(x2)

but they haven’t executed him yet.  This is a little weird.  I’m not arguing with it, but it’s just a little weird.  With the death warrant, or whatever they call it in Georgia, they usually do it unless they’ve been told not to – they don’t wait in case some higher authority says to stop.

Maybe the gathering crowds have something to do with.  Has the feel of a tinder box.

There are two problems here, I think.  One is the racial angle.  I mean, it’s just there.

The second is, this just doesn’t seem like an execution worthy crime.  Even if it’s all true and he’s guilty, there’s nothing to support an execution except that the victim was a police officer.

Maybe more to say on this later.

Update:  Sadly, there are two comments in a story from the UK about all this that may contain hints as to why they may be holding off:

Listening to 750 WSB right now and the reporter on the ground there is reporting that the number of riot police has increased greatly in the last few minutes and that the police helicopter has returned. He seemed to think that was an ominous sign. There are about 600-800 protesters there and the police are in riot gear and heavily armed. I have a feeling that this isn’t going to go well.

I went to high school with Troy. He threatened to kill me. “I’ll kill you, Cracker.” Those were his exact words. He was convicted of another shooting eariler in the evening. He hated white people and took pride in killing a white police officer. I have seen his guilty smirk face to face,

Put another way, this situation has become very racially charged and potentially violent, and the authorities are afraid.  They do not act on principle, they act on fear.  They have  low character.
Update 2:  SCOTUS says no dice and execution is underway, as of about 11:10 PM EDT.  Very sad.  More on this later, perhaps.

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