2009 (cont’d) And On Into 2010

So in ’09 this sort of interesting thing starts taking place in the Appellate Division where I am asking for all this relief and they are summarily denying it like they always do and Underberg & Kessler is staying out of it but Moran isn’t.  I bring this motion in April and it is denied in June.  Then I ask them to reconsider or send it to the Court of Appeals (New York’s “highest” court) and they won’t do that either and deny all that on October 2nd.  And they never say anything other than denied, denied, denied.  So that pisses me off and I start writing to the clerk and to the chief judge:


And the point I’m making to them is:  you have to say it.  You want to rule against me I guess you can, I mean I can’t stop you from behaving like a bunch of goddamn criminals but you have to at least say what you are doing, you have to stop keeping everything a goddamn secret and this is very fundamental, and if you feel like you can’t say what you are doing maybe you shouldn’t be doing it, which is more or less axiomatic because it’s a federal and international crime.  So then as you can see what’s-her-face, the clerk, finally says well, you’re free to bring any appropriate motion so I bring this last motion in December and I’m trying to cover every technical procedural thing I think could possibly be an impediment to granting relief.  In case that was what was bothering the morons and they weren’t just perfidious bastards like I basically think they are:



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