Segue Into SCOTUS – Then To Canada

So I point out all this weird stuff about Moran in my reply:

I basically duped Moran into lying to the court, which he promptly and predictably then did.  It’s a fraud on the court, but then is it really when the court is such a willing “victim”?

But none of this mattered at all, because the Appellate Division just denied everything again – and again without comment – with another order dated January 21, 2010.

My thinking was that when the Appellate Division denied this last motion and did nothing about Moran I would come to Canada and seek asylum then, but about two weeks before that the US Supreme Court dismissed Pottawattamie County v. McGhee because the parties to that case had settled.  So now I had to do something else before I could leave, and that was to bring an “original” petition for habeas corpus in the SCOTUS.  Which I have discussed elsewhere on the blog, such as here and here.

But before we get to that – and we may never get to that on the blog because that’s a work in progress – there’s something else I have to tell you about what happened in ’09 because it’s kind of disturbing, even beyond everything else.

Next post.



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