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Puff Piece

As the State of New York continues its descent into banana republicanism, whither the watch dog press?

A case in point:  our anti-hero, Tom Moran.

After a “career” punctuated by lying, cheating and naked thuggery, Moran is officially unopposed in his quest for a judgeship on the New York State Supreme Court.  Apparently no one wished to risk life and limb in the effort.

There is a community newspaper in Livingston County called, appropriately enough, the Livingston County News.  They seem quite pleased with the development, though one wonders how much choice they really think they have.  Note that the “news” article features the previously noted photo of his soon-to-be-honor with the American flag tie and the American flag lapel pin, in case anyone was in doubt about Mr. Moran’s patriotic fervor.

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