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Scalia Testifies Under Oath

This is a true wtf? moment:

Testifying before a Senate committee Wednesday, Scalia blamed Congress for making federal crimes out of too many routine drug cases. In turn, that created a need for more judges.

“Federal judges ain’t what they used to be,” he said during a rare appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee..

The federal judiciary should be an elite group, said Scalia, who has served on the high court for 25 years. “It’s not as elite as it used to be,” he said.

He was responding to a question about what he sees as the greatest threat to the independence of judges.

Scalia sees the proliferation of federal drug laws, not as a problem for the many people prosecuted and convicted under them, which of course contributes the the US being the “prison nation” it has become during his tenure.

No, the problem is that such laws and such people are not worth the federal judiciary’s time because federal judges are too “elite” for that kind of thing.  Or should be.  Or used to be.

Does insularity breed this kind of thing, or is he just like this?

I could relate this to the whole Occupy Wall Street thing, but you know, why bother?  It doesn’t need to be said for the people who are reading, and the people who need to hear it aren’t reading.

(H/T Volokh)


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Paul Krugman Calls For Debt Relief

You know, the NYT resident economist.  The idea isn’t going viral yet, but when it gets into the NY Times it’s definitely going “mainstream”.

Apparently this is prompted by the OWS phenomenon, which has a lot of people scratching their heads.

But not around here.

It also has some people concerned about “mobs”, which I take it means civil unrest, which is another favorite discussion topic around here.  Predictably, these people are Republicans.  And they are in Congress.

I can hyperlink to my own old stuff on this blog all day on this subject.  Is that narcissistic?  But then if I just repeat myself all the time is that a bad sign in its own way, not to mention tiresome?

What Krugman and whoever else is contemplating the idea have to now realize and wrestle with is:  how do you do “debt relief”?  The answer that you very quickly come to is that once you start down that road, there’s no principled way to stop until you have included everyone, and all debt.  And that has to be done through a constitutional amendment, at least in the US.

But it’s nice to see some people catching up.  God, does the world need more lawyers.


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