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A Guilty Conscience…

is a tough thing to live with. Even psychopaths feel a twinge of it now and then.

There’s been a lot of activity on this blog – and about the blog – over the last day, owing to a comment or two I made over on the Volokh site.

Then there was this pseudonymous comment about it all on an obscure website called “Diary of Daedalus”, which appears to feature colorful right wing commentary that would be consistent with the prevalent views of many in law enforcement.  The comment is consistent with what has been the Livingston County law enforcement party line about the Sephora Davis matter, which largely consists of smearing your humble author:


Long story short:
Troubled teenage girl in upstate NY gets involved in some robberies and burglaries in pursuit of drugs. A lawyer decides to take this one last case before moving away to be with his wife and kids. Teenage girl is accused of driving the robbers around and is indicted…

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