A Guilty Conscience…

is a tough thing to live with. Even psychopaths feel a twinge of it now and then.

There’s been a lot of activity on this blog – and about the blog – over the last day, owing to a comment or two I made over on the Volokh site.

Then there was this pseudonymous comment about it all on an obscure website called “Diary of Daedalus”, which appears to feature colorful right wing commentary that would be consistent with the prevalent views of many in law enforcement.  The comment is consistent with what has been the Livingston County law enforcement party line about the Sephora Davis matter, which largely consists of smearing your humble author:


Long story short:
Troubled teenage girl in upstate NY gets involved in some robberies and burglaries in pursuit of drugs. A lawyer decides to take this one last case before moving away to be with his wife and kids. Teenage girl is accused of driving the robbers around and is indicted…

The lawyer who files a bunch of crap motions and proceeds to flip the fuck out. He’s convinced that there is a massive police and judicial conspiracy. The girl finally wises up and fires him and takes a plea deal. The lawyer continues to spam the appellate courts, the discipline board, and even the Supreme Court. He starts to write a blog about it because THE TRUTH MUST BE TOLD. Eventually, he’s convinced that the conspiracy might decide to kill him, so he applies for refugee status in Canada on account of the conspiracy’s human rights violations.

There is a LOT of writing on the blog, but it’s a hoot if you like watching the decent into crazy town. This whole affair starts in 2004, (the crime occurred in Dec 2003. He’s been dragging this thing out for 7 years, during which time the girl finished her sentence. It appears he hasn’t even been in contact with the girl since she fired him. So fricking strange and crazy.

The clincher, of course, is that it contains not only falsehoods, but the exact same falsehoods promulgated by the Livingston County law enforcement establishment, to wit:

1.  Sephora was a “troubled teenage girl”.  The commenter didn’t read anything like that here, and in fact Sephora was not a “troubled teenage girl” on December 8th, 2003.  She did become somewhat troubled thereafter, since on that day a police informant raped her at knife point and then the police as a group, led by District Attorney Tom Moran, proceeded to frame her for a crime she did not commit and had no knowledge of.  I hardly think she can be blamed for being “troubled” after an experience like that, however.

2.  “Lawyer files a bunch of crap motions and proceeds to flip the fuck out.”  I certainly filed a bunch of motions.  I happen to think they were pretty good, but in any case if they were “crap” or showed that I had “flipped the fuck out” I should have been disciplined or admonished or subject to some professional inquiry.  But that never happened.  A lot of the evidence underlying the motions is posted here on the blog.  I take it there is no dispute about them, or what they mean, even by pseudonymous commenters – just as there hasn’t been in court for seven years.

3.  “The girl finally wises up and fires him and takes a plea deal.”  Sephora has never “fired” me, and I in fact agreed with the plea deal, but Tom Moran has been peddling these falsehoods since at least 2009, as a matter of record, although that only recently came to my attention.  Either the commenter only read the one document on this blog, or he knows the rumors independently, which marks him as at least familiar with, if not a member of, the Livingston County law enforcement establishment.  Perhaps Moran himself.

4.  “It appears he hasn’t even been in contact with the girl since she fired him.  So fricking strange and crazy.”  This, too, is completely false.  I have been in contact with Sephora – and her family – regularly and closely since I first met them in the summer of 2004.  My personal contact has recently been limited by my restriction to Canada, but we have remained in close contact and communication anyway.  What’s “fricking strange and crazy” is this bizarre rumor, that apparently originates with Tom Moran.

Finally, Sephora has not yet finished her sentence.  She remains on “post-release supervision”, which is basically like parole, and will be until March of 2012.

Now I have to admit this reply to the comment, by one calling himself “Pig”, shows a certain amount of erudition and education:


Everything old is new again……this sounds just like Edward Kenealy who destroyed himself over the case of the Ticheborne Claiment. Except Mr Kenealy at least chose a famous case….

I recognize the biblical reference, but I confess to never before having heard of Edward Kenealy or the Ticheborne Claiment case, but there’s a wikipedia entry about it, and him.  Whoever Pig is, he knows something about Irish (and Irish American) lawyers – Kenealy.  Regan. Moran.

So, touche.  Learn something new every day.  But I think it is important to point out that I did not “destroy myself”.  After all, here I am.  But if I have been in any sense “destroyed”, I certainly didn’t do it to myself.

Finally, this peculiar web activity coincides with another hit from a non-routable IP address that hasn’t been seen in a while, and which is probably being used to hide the surfer’s identity.

I don’t know why Tom should bother about what I am saying at all.  He’s unopposed for his election to State Supreme Court, so he has no worries there.

How are you sleeping, Tom?

Just one other thing, because it really bugs me.  That picture of you in the outfit with the American flag tie and the American flag lapel pin.  Tell the Livingston County News to use another one.  It’s over the top.  It’s tasteless, even for you.

And lose a few pounds before you start the new job.  There’s a reason they call it “sitting”, and if you start out in a weight hole you’ll never dig your way out.

Last, as to your psychological and moral condition, I have no remedy for you other than to publicly confess all and take what comes, the same terms you have often sanctimoniously offered to criminals who never did anything as horrifying and criminal as you did.  If you want any leniency from me, that will have to come first.

I don’t mean to be a hard ass, but goddamn it your fashion sense is just to atrocious.  Unpardonable, really.  I just can’t get past it.  Sorry.



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2 responses to “A Guilty Conscience…

  1. Daldude

    Mr. Regan,

    I have just finished reading through all of your posts regarding the Sephora case and I feel compelled to express my admiration. You are a man of extraordinary integrity and perseverance, and a true hero in my opinion (and I think this would make a great book/movie – and I don’t mean great in terms of “entertainment”, but rather as a means of edifying the public under the guise of entertainment…).

    I have experienced a similar education in disillusionment at the hands of the state, In my case it was the family court, which somehow manages to be even more corrupt and tyrannical then the criminal “justice” system – there is not even a pretense of due process, and punishment is meted out well before judgment is ever made. The details are irrelevant to your case, but suffice to say the my eyes are wide open now, and I have no difficulty believing your account of hubris, casual cruelty, and sociopathic narcissm, which appears to be endemic to the system.

    What gets me is the the utter hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness found in the right-wing ideology professed on sites like “Diary of Daedalus”. These are the people who go on on about the perils of “big government”, and then reflexively jump to defend any action taken by law enforcement or the military. The authorities can not be trusted to regulate industry or provide social safety nets, but must not be questioned when inflicting forceful control of the populace (either here or in other countries). I suppose for them the big difference is really the TARGET of enforcement (the wealthy vs. the poor).

    But that’s a political discussion that needn’t be taken up here. I just wanted you to know that there are those of us who appreciate and support you, for whatever that’s worth…


  2. Thanks for the comment. Ironically, I generally self identify as quite conservative, but more of the libertarian type. Beyond that, I don’t see how knowingly accusing, prosecuting or convicting innocent people of crimes, raping them, and lying and cheating about it all is in any way conservative, libertarian or anything else other than criminal.


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