Proposed SCOTUS Motion

I have alluded to the legal issue several times, such as here and here.

It’s like a “loophole” that certain of the nation’s prosecutors – like Tom Moran – have been using to terrorize our own people with false criminal charges:  you can fabricate a whole case, but as long as you don’t use the fabricated evidence at a trial, you’re okay.  No one’s rights have been violated.

Public prosecutors, of course, are not supposed to use loopholes; it’s a term we associate with criminal defense lawyers and personal injury attorneys.  You know, the supposed dregs of the profession.

Anyway, this is probably quite unexciting except to the lawyers in the crowd, but here goes, and you never know:





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2 responses to “Proposed SCOTUS Motion

  1. That is some lawyering. Good for Norm for jumping in, and godspeed to you and Sephora.


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