Doorley-Taylor DA Race: Results

We discussed it briefly here.

The outcome?  Doorley won handily.  It may be that the police have finally overplayed their hand, at least in some places, in some times.

The local press is having a hard time figuring it out and I don’t blame them.  It was a Republican year, and the Republican at the top of the Monroe County ticket – County Executive Maggie Brooks – won handily as well.  A lot of voters went with her and then switched parties to vote for Doorley, a Democrat.

Howard Relin is quoted at length in the local press article, and that may be the key.  He was very active for Doorley, chairing her campaign.

There were few public officials in the area better liked than Howard, and as the long time District Attorney in Monroe County he was known primarily as a fair guy who ran a good office and hired good people.  That was certainly my experience of him and that office during those years.



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