Greece’s New Prime Minister (Italy’s Too?)

He’s the quintessential one percenter:

Lucas Papademos, a former banker and European Central Bank vice president, is scheduled to be sworn in as the new Greek prime minister at 2 p.m. Friday, the president’s office said….Papademos, who was also once a governor of the Bank of Greece and senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, has taught economics at Columbia University and the University of Athens. Last year, he accepted a visiting professor position at Harvard University.

He holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering and a doctorate in economics, both from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

So basically the new Greek PM is hand-picked by the Wall Street-Washington axis, making Greece – or at least the Greek government – a satellite of the bankster-controlled US government.

Do you doubt this?

Lombardi [Dominic Lombardi, that is.  He’s a “senior Brookings fellow” – ed.] said Greece’s incoming government is meant to “insulate them (the new officials) from the pressure of the electorate,” who are likely to respond negatively to the deeply unpopular reforms.

Translation:  the American elite is effectively appointing Greece’s new prime minister, who will be suitably agreeable to the government’s imposition of “austerity” overwhelmingly opposed by the Greek people, but desired by the financial class from New York and Washington in their futile quest for the latest stop-gap delay measure to prop up their moribund banking system.  This is the “democracy” the US government proposes to bring to Greece, just as they most recently did in Libya.  Tomorrow?  Iran, of course.  I mean, why not?

What’s funny about this is that they think the Greeks are just going to put up with it.  I don’t think so.

Update:  Let’s not forget that Italy is on the chopping block as well.  There, the buzz is about former EU commissioner Mario Monti, a/k/a “Super Mario”:

Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said he supports an emergency government of national unity led by Monti… “He has an international profile that no one can deny,” Frattini said, according to his press office…And Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who is expected to step down after a series of austerity measures are adopted, gave high praise to Monti. In a post on Berlusconi’s official Facebook page, he wrote that he had sent a telegram to Monti congratulating him on being appointed by the president to be a “senator for life, reflecting the outstanding achievements” in certain arenas. “I wish him a successful job in the national interest,” Berlusconi said…Italian news agency ANSA reported that Berlusconi “seems to have changed his position on the possibility” of supporting an emergency government led by Monti.

In other words, Berlusconi doesn’t want to do to the Italian people what the banksters are demanding; but then he doesn’t want to not do it either.  So he’s quitting.

Who’s this guy Monti?

A Yale-trained economist and professor at Milan’s Bocconi University, Monti has also worked as an international adviser to the investment firm Goldman Sachs.

Neither the Greek nor the Italian PM’s are dumb enough to remain in a job where they will feel either the wrath of the “international community” – and they can see how that worked out recently for Muamar Qaddafi – or their own people, which often has a very similar outcome.

Can you blame them?


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