One Of Those Stories

…that may have more significance than it seems at first.

In any case, this is a comment to a news story out of the UK (h/t Drudge) that appears to make some sense out of what is otherwise not readily understood:

Here’s some “Classified” data for you: The Chinese are developing space-based weapons that have A.I. pattern-recognition technology, which they hope will give them greater accuracy and the ability for the weapons to operate in a long-term, autonomous fashion. These weapons are both conventional and nuclear. They are way ahead of the West in this idea, which is too busy committing suicide by P.C. to pay any attention. The patterns in the desert are there to provide practice targets, since you can’t exactly drop a practice weapon on Dallas, Texas. You got to hand it to the Chinese; they know how to leverage the nuclear data t hey bought from the Democratic Party in exchange for contributions to the Clinton and Obama camps. The American Lemmings know about it, poo-poo it and ignore it so they can watch another American Idol. They richly deserve just exactly what they’re about to get.


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