Mercenaries (Update)

The term doesn’t fit precisely, but it’s not wholly inaccurate either.

This incident is making its way around the web and around the world:

The “police officer” pepper spraying the kids is named John Pike.  He makes about $110,000 per year.

An assistant professor named Nathan Brown called for the Chancellor of the university to resign in the wake of the police conduct.  He makes about $60,000 per year.

This is somewhat disturbingly revealing about the economics of the situation.


Update:  This should be the caption of the various photos and videos noted here, from a speech by NY Lt. Governor Robert Duffy at a recent awards ceremony for police valor:

“There is nothing more noble, and nothing more sacred than the opportunity to serve and protect as an officer of the law,” said Duffy in a news release. “The men and women of law enforcement represent the best of our humanity. They are the pillars of our community and we must ensure that a show of our appreciation is not limited to occasions such as this, but that every day we honor their service and applaud their courage.”




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