Occupy Foreclosure – Standoff in Minneapolis

A few articles on the Occupy thing have suggested that the “direct action” is shifting to blocking evictions from foreclosed homes.  Here is such an operation in Minneapolis:

They’ve got a lot of snow there already, don’t they?

Anyway, this article claims that such direct action is “going viral”, now that occupiers have been removed from the various downtown tent cities.

There are, of course, property rights involved.  Many occupiers, it seems, harbor utopian visions of a world without property rights; but without them,  how does the occupy-defended dispossessed owner have any rights?

These are fine points, though.  For now this is an interesting and at least partly logical development in the wake of the tent city evictions.  If it catches on – and this is the claim, that it’s catching on – the foreclosure process may seize up, special bank favoring rocket dockets notwithstanding.  This would be a good thing, I think.

And let me just take a moment to illustrate how the goings on in the nation’s courts are connected to the goings on in the nation’s streets.  In one of the first posts after I started this blog I wrote:

What we need now is an intelligent, principled, courageous, fair and diligent judge to decide a foreclosure case with an opinion that sets it all out correctly and reaches the right result.  Unfortunately, it is more likely that evil gnomes will set up shop at NORAD and start a nuclear war with the Russians.

I mean, it’s just not going to happen.  There are no such judges.  Not in America, anyway.

Shortly thereafter I pointed out in a post that the nation’s courts were in the process of doing exactly the opposite.

And now we have the result.  On Youtube.

The powers that be – judges especially – are very slow to understand the damage they do, even when cause and effect are so apparent.


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One response to “Occupy Foreclosure – Standoff in Minneapolis

  1. JMRJ,

    Totally agree with you. This will hopefully be one wave of OWS’s future. Since October, at least, they’ve been visiting housing court in Brooklyn, disrupting foreclosure proceedings with a little musical theater. I wrote about it on my blog. In the Depression, the people loved robbers who stuck it to the banks. In this recession-teetering-on-depression, OWS could fill such ages’ need for symbolic Robin Hoods, only this time, the symbolism could be based on something real.

    Glad you found my blog so I could find yours.

    Best wishes,



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