Matt Taibbi

Since my writing has, frankly, sucked lately, I thought I’d just check in with Taibbi, who seems to be doing much better.

This is a good article.  And this.  And this.  And this.

When the dust settles I’m hoping my work here on the blog will improve.  In the meantime I’ll keep at it.  Plugging away is my tendency.



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4 responses to “Matt Taibbi

  1. James

    I am very interested in what anyone thinks, especially those involved in street crime matters, about Tracy Lawrence’s death in Las Vegas. She was the one who flipped and was to be star witness in the first criminal forgery case in the mortgage scandal.

    According to news reports:

    “Las Vegas police have said there were no obvious signs of foul play in Lawrence’s death, and it wasn’t being investigated as a homicide.

    “The Clark County coroner is conducting blood toxicology tests that could take up to eight weeks to complete before ruling on a cause and manner of Lawrence’s death.”

    However, knowing how huge the case was for which Lawrence was to be the star witness, there’s no question in my mind that she was murdered. No question at all. Her testimony would have opened the entire pandora’s box with respect to the validity o title of residential property in the US.

    How does one go about questioning or pressuring criminal authorities in such circumstances? Do they (the local police) perhaps not realize that the prospect of Tracy Lawence’s testimony struck fear into the hearts of extremely powerful forces and indeed our political and financial elites in general? Do phone calls work, for example?


    • The police have already said they are not investigating this as a homicide. Move along.

      It’s a natural for a conspiracy theory, of course. Perhaps we have enough of those around here, though. We can only do so much, you know.


  2. gerald fish

    A writ of mandamus possibly?


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