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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

The whole point of this line was, of course, that Forrest Gump was not, in the end, stupid.  Much smarter people were, though.

An exoneration in Virginia, after a man served 27 years in prison for serial rapes he did not commit.  He’s now 46 years old.  The better part of his life was wrongly taken from him.  There’s no real remedy for that.  Give him a lot of money so he can leave the country and go live a life somewhere else, where the people who almost murdered him will have no power over him to ever do that again.  That’s about as close as you can get to a remedy.

There are heroes in this story, of course.  The exoneree himself, obviously.  Peter Neufeld and the Innocence Project, as usual.

Apparently in Virginia they can issue a “writ of innocence”.  And this brings us to what I wanted to say about all this.

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White Girls, Facebook, Pearl Harbor

I’m not sure what to make of this, but apparently race is a very big issue on the internet and prompts a lot of blog discussion that just seems pretty much alien to me.

This is a reasonably interesting and pleasantly humorous post.  But it went viral, much to the bemusement of its author.  Apparently, the reason is that the subject had something to do with “white girls”, maybe in combination with Facebook.

Then there’s this post.  Also viral in the wordpress-o-sphere, apparently because it deals with “white feminists”.  It’s completely different from the previous post, devoid of even so much as a syllable of good-natured humor, but it shares some common elements as far as the subject goes.

I’m wondering why this subject generates such passionate interest on the internet and feeling a bit out of step.  Maybe more than a bit.

And here I thought that the 70th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack might have some currency. At least today.

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70 Years Ago Today

This kind of thing will ruin your whole day:

It’s certainly getting to be a long time ago.  That’s not even the Arizona up above there, by the way, whose forward ammunition magazine suffered a direct hit, pretty much blowing the whole ship apart.  It lies on the bottom still, seeping oil under a well known memorial, and remains a tomb:

This is what she looked like ten years earlier, when she ferried around presidents:

I don’t know what the Navy has planned today, but I hope it’s something suitably solemn even as this event slips into the remote past.  There’s a lot that could be said about it all, geo-politically and revisionist historically speaking.  But I say enough pointed things.  Today I’ll just remember the sailors, with whom I share a deep kinship.



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