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Greenfield Is As Greenfield Does

Scott Greenfield may or may not have had me in mind when he generated this post this morning.  Not likely.  But maybe.

I mention Scott and his blog a lot (and SJ is on the blogroll) because let’s face it he writes a lot, and it’s good stuff.  And at least for me it is often thought provoking, in the sense that I learn something and agree.  And then other times I learn something and disagree.  Scott Greenfield and I have large areas of agreement and large areas of disagreement.

Lately, and without really intending to, I might have been picking a fight, making remarks and observations in more adversarial a manner than was required or maybe even appropriate.

Anyway, Scott’s post today finishes like this:

Most of my enemies don’t exist.  They can complain about me all they want, disagree with me and be angry with me until spittle flies out of their mouths.  They can impute evil motives to me and this blawg to anybody who will listen.  I don’t care.

Now, I don’t know if he’s thinking of me one way or the other, but I don’t mind saying it would bother me if he was.  I don’t feel like his enemy and if I’ve done anything to make him believe that I regret it.  I don’t think he has evil motives, or anything like that.

So to be on the safe side, just in case I have provoked or contributed to any of this by the redoubtable Mr. Greenfield, I’m self imposing a moratorium on further detracting commentary in that direction.  There are plenty of fruitful areas of inquiry and commentary without needlessly arousing the ire of a respected colleague and fellow blogger.

Besides, I’ve found his blog professionally helpful.  A number of times.  I don’t want to be an ingrate.


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