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Casey Anthony Redux

Like almost everyone else, I stopped following the story shortly after the verdict.  But that doesn’t mean the story hasn’t continued.  A tree falling in a forest really does make a sound, even if there’s no one to hear it.

Ordered to “serve” her probation within the state of Florida, where a lot of people want her dead, Casey Anthony has been subject to assassination attempts, apparently, though this was not widely reported on this side of the pond. The press here may find it unpalatable to report a story that doesn’t reflect well on them and the feeding frenzy they helped stir up.  And of course it’s not the first time that the despised tabloids in the UK have turned out to be the only source of important information about a story of general interest.

Perhaps if the state can’t get its death penalty directly, it can get it indirectly, and someone will kill Casey Anthony for it.  Not to mention they would then have the opportunity for another lurid show trial.

Though that may sound unkind, it’s worth noting that the prosecutor who lost the case, Jeff Ashton, has been hawking a book to throngs of adoring fans.  They forgive him for losing.  Seems like they didn’t even notice.

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