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Get Deployed To Iraq…

Return to the US to find your home has been repossessed by the bank while you were gone, in violation of federal law.

How can that happen?  Judges let them.

The US Treasury is conducting a “civil investigation”, even though it is criminal conduct.  If it were food stamp fraud, of course, someone would be going to jail.


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Doing Kafka Proud

As he often does, Radley Balko chronicles the latest and greatest outrage of police abusing their power.  This time, there is the additional twist that the courts, which are the bulwark against governmental abuse of power, facilitate it through disingenuous rulings predicated upon dubious “fact findings” that are obviously made in bad faith, simply to achieve the desired result.

The desired result is, of course, to favor the government and do its bidding.

Once the “fact finding” is made, it’s as if it had been written in stone, no matter how ludicrous it is compared to the actual evidence.  Once again we confront the mindset that there is really no such thing as a “fact”; there is only the power to declare facts while pretending to “find” them.

Radley sums it up nicely, from this case called Crossland:

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