Get Deployed To Iraq…

Return to the US to find your home has been repossessed by the bank while you were gone, in violation of federal law.

How can that happen?  Judges let them.

The US Treasury is conducting a “civil investigation”, even though it is criminal conduct.  If it were food stamp fraud, of course, someone would be going to jail.



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7 responses to “Get Deployed To Iraq…

  1. Noelle

    Houses only get repossessed if you don’t pay the bill. If you know you’re going over to Iraq, set up instant payments or have someone you trust pay the bill for you.
    The Federal Goverment is just doing its job. For once, I don’t blame them at all.


  2. The specific point here is that there is a long standing federal law, usually dubbed the Soldier’s and Sailor’s Civil Relief Act, which restricts any kind of civil legal actions against members of the armed forces.

    There are larger points too, however.


  3. Noelle

    Its not just the armed forces. Its the veterans – they are getting messed up too. Healthcare isn’t free anymore. Recuitees aren’t having their college tution paid.

    Promises are getting broken. Thats one of the specific points, isn’t it?


  4. Yes, Noelle. And not only are lots of promises being broken, there is a mountain of economic promises out there that everyone knows can never be kept. I’ve been wrestling with that problem in a musing kind of way, and just put up three posts about it today that you might find interesting.

    Although economics is widely known as the “dismal” science, and I sure don’t want to bore anyone over the Christmas holidays.


  5. Noelle

    I’m a good blogger – I looked at them.
    Are you patronizing me?
    We’re discussing a fallen goverment that has stolen money out of Granny’s sugar bowl fund.


  6. I didn’t mean to patronize. I don’t know your blog, don’t have a link to it. I’m not sure what your background is or how old you are. If I seemed to be talking down to you it was not intentional.


  7. Noelle

    I don’t blog myself – I just read them.
    Its alright. I’m trying to understand your points is all.


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