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I don’t know which aspect of this puff piece is more stunning:  the stupefying dishonesty of Tom Moran indicating his utter contempt for the truth, not to mention the public; or the thoroughly fawning character of the article itself, when there are probably hundreds of credible stories any “reporter” could readily obtain that would challenge the self serving drivel of his subject.

Moran never “won” any elections.  He has never had an opponent, including for State Supreme Court.  This might have something to do with the fact that because Moran has always been a rogue cop and then a rogue DA, any opponent might wind up on the wrong end of a criminal prosecution – which can be entirely fabricated, of course.  He’s been sucking the public tit his entire adult life.  He barely knows what it’s like to have an actual client, to even know someone in trouble who needs help.  He is much more often the source of trouble and misery than the protector from it.

Thus for anyone who knows anything about him, this is just laughable:

“There is an awful lot of emotional currency that you expend in this job and I think there comes a point in time when if you’re going to do it and you’re going to do it right you have to have that emotional currency to spend and you have to want to spend it,” Moran said in a 13WHAM News interview on Monday.  “I’m still ok, I still love what I do, I still have it to expend but I don’t want to be here some day and say you know what I can’t give somebody the kind of care or attention or concern that they deserve…”The most rewarding times have almost always been the most difficult times because you’re able to lend support and emotional assistance to people at their just worst,” Moran said.  “What we do is very difficult stuff; it’s death, it’s destruction, it’s pain, it’s anguish, it’s hurt, it’s evil and if you can help in anyway that’s very rewarding.”

The truth about Tom Moran is more like this.  And this.

And this, this and this.

And something else is really troubling here:  everyone in a position to know Tom Moran knows the truth about him already.  Eric Schiener, his own assistant.  The lawyers in Livingston County.  Patricia Marks.  The judges on the Appellate Division.  The members of the Attorney Grievance Committee.  All of the law enforcement establishment in Livingston County.

And – if they read their mail – the State Attorney General and the Governor.

What does it say about them, that as this blight upon the integrity of the law and the judiciary and the legal profession occurs so openly they not only do nothing but say nothing?  Moran is a bully and a thug and a psychopath, but what’s their excuse?

In fairness I suppose I should mention that the lawyers in Monroe County at least said something, though of course it wasn’t very specific.  Still, it’s a measure of the servility of the local press to “law enforcement” – and the contempt in which they hold the opinions of lawyers – that the little Monroe County Bar Association thing didn’t even come up in their puff piece.

Tom Moran becoming a judge is simply the triumph of force over reason and sanity, extended deep into western New York’s  judiciary, where it is increasingly supplanting the last vestiges of the rule of law.

It is a shameful thing.  Or would be, if many of the officials involved were even capable of shame any longer.

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