Crocodile Tears

Lots are being shed over the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) signed into “law” in the US by President Obama as his first official act of the new year.

Of course, it’s an abomination.  But it’s also the entirely symbolic and utterly predictable outgrowth of decades of lawlessness in specific cases before the courts.  The third branch of the government, that is:  it broke down a long time ago.

There’s an unofficial fourth branch, too, which has also long since broken down.  It says something that the previously linked essay by Jonathan Turley gets featured in a newspaper in another country.

Writing something down and having the “president” sign it into law is just a formality.  It has already been the law, if you want to dignify it by calling it that.  It’s a pity that so many lawyers themselves don’t seem to appreciate what has been occurring for so long in so many courts with such devastating consequences to multitudes that all many of them can do to maintain sanity is, e.g.,  commit the entire fiasco to ridicule and satire, which of course must be undertaken anonymously lest the author be written out of the book of life and hauled off by the stasi.

People who express concern that the US government can now simply “disappear” people don’t have much confidence in the courts and the press.

Trouble is, they’re right.



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