Judicial Sleaze

Way back in November, 2010 I put up a post about the “rocket docket” foreclosure courts in Florida.

The stench of it.  Behold.  That kind of thing.  You don’t have to say a lot when something speaks for itself.

Of course, this speaks for itself, too.  His name is Victor Tobin.  And he’s a former “judge” and indeed an architect of the “rocket docket”.

Why “former”?  After greasing the judicial skids for bank litigants as a judge, he took a job …as a bank litigator.  No kidding.  Then when confronted, he defended himself:

He told New Times Editor Eric Barton that he took the post to help make sure the firm was trying its cases ethically, according to best practices.

Judges are like this.  Oh yes.  They are.  It’s why we have juries.


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