It Isn’t Just Western New York

It’s a national thing.  Even the genteel and effete New Yorker is beginning to notice.

Something is very fundamentally wrong with the judicial “system”.  It’s the third branch of government, and it’s in a state of collapse.  The signs of terminal dysfunction are every bit as clear as they would have been to a disinterested observer of the Soviet Union in the 1980’s.

In the face of this disaster the SCOTUS, in its occasional but increasingly rare departures from routine rubber stamping of the status quo, generates puzzled and frenzied commentary among a small group of people, and little else.

One thing about fundamentals is that you never really get past them.  You have to revisit them from time to time.  There’s a temptation to regard them as settled, and to believe that you can comfortably tinker around the edges of it all, like an old man puttering around his house fixing the screen windows while the foundation of the house is crumbling.

It’s a conceit of the mentally slothful:  we’re past all that, we did all that yesterday.

Grave mistake.  People with a good track record for discernment see what’s happening.



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