“Absolute Priority To Debt Service”

That’s what the EU “troika” wants Greece to do.  Constitutionally.

See, this is the problem with the 99%:  they’re so behind the curve.  For months I’ve been crying in the wilderness, encouraging them to use the constitution to liberate themselves from the 1%.  No luck.  They’d rather get tear gassed in Oakland and have their tantrum.

Meanwhile, the 1% are already using constitutions and law to further oppress the 99%.  For now it’s in Greece, but it won’t be long before it’s here, too.  And once the 1% gets a leg up in that fight, good luck trying to stop them or reverse their gains.  Then they’ll proceed under color of “law” to drive whole countries into servitude and peonage.

This shouldn’t happen.  One idea of the constitution is that it requires super-majorities so that small cabals – the 1% – can’t run everything.  The 99% are surely a super-majority, right?

Some days I just wonder.


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