Lawyers Are Scum

That must be what prosecutors in Rhode Island think.  They just take lawyers’ stuff and don’t tell anyone why.

I’m sure there must be a good reason, like maybe they need some information from the lawyer’s cell phone that they can’t get anywhere else.  You might see some constitutional issues there, but only whiny bitches care about things like that.

Truth is, you don’t even need a reason to abuse a lawyer or his clients.  That’s what they’re there for.

They keep doing these things and paying no price for it.  It’s not difficult to see what the consequences of this are:  an out of control government that imprisons so many people they have to start letting them go randomly because they no longer have the money to keep them; indefinite detention without requiring reason or justification; extra-judicial extraditions and assassinations.

Lawyers are a drain on society?  This can be seriously maintained by reasonably intelligent and thoughtful people in the face of things like this, in the aftermath of almost half a decade of the open (it wasn’t so open before) but rapidly disintegrating global rule of kleptocrats in government and banking?

Independent lawyers are the only people holding civilization together.  And the only solution to the problems we face.

But we don’t deserve them.  That much, at least, is obvious.

(H/T Gideon)


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Filed under financial crisis, Judicial lying/cheating, Striking lawyers, wrongful convictions

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