Dana Carson, Geneseo Police Dept. – The Rapist’s Dupes (Update)

Sometimes, in a quiet moment, my thoughts drift to this man, who still plies his trade as a “police officer” in Geneseo, NY.  Dana Carson is a man I know well – even though I’ve never met him.

How despicable do you have to be before they won’t let you put on a uniform and a badge and claim the mantle of “law enforcement”?  Between all the schooling, the Navy, law school, years of practicing law and a wide array of family and friends I’ve met a lot of people, including a lot of criminals.

But I’ve never met anyone, as far as I know, as low and as morally revolting as Dana Carson.

It wouldn’t capture it to say he’s a rapist.  That title certainly belongs to Eric Harder, Carson’s informant and protege, but it’s not low enough for Carson.  There has to be some category lower than that, but even for men in prison at places like Auburn Correctional Facility, I have it on good authority that “rapist” is about the lowest appellation that can be applied to human beings.

Imagine, if you can, what Dana Carson has done.  He fabricated evidence and committed perjury through others, not having the courage to take the oath himself.  As if that would be somehow different.  The point of all this perjury and fabrication was to implicate and ultimately imprison Sephora Davis as “the driver” for an armed robbery as Eric Harder’s accomplice; whereas the truth was that Harder had put a knife to Sephora’s throat and raped her.  That was the only crime truly implicating Sephora Davis – and she was the victim of it, not the perpetrator.

Carson either knew this as he was engaged in all the perjury and fabrication, which makes him the lowly after-the-fact assistant to a rapist; or he didn’t know, which makes him stupider than Harder.  Not just a rapist, then, but in either case a rapist’s dupe.

In any case, Carson certainly knew what Harder had done well before Sephora Davis was ever sent to prison as a result of Carson’s fabrication and perjury.  All he had to do was come forward and confess what he did, to spare Sephora and her family, and me and my family, the suffering and destruction that would unjustly and inevitably result if he did not.

But of course he didn’t.  In fact he did the opposite:  he helped conceal and coverup for Harder.  And himself.  Protecting the rapist from his victim:  a sort of inverse chivalry.  Every single day for eight years he could have acted to begin atoning for what he did.  Every single day he has done otherwise.

You can get away with lying, even the most odious kind of lying imaginable, if you’re a cop or a District Attorney.  Judges will let you.  We’ll leave judges’ guilt, their place on ignominy’s hierarchy, aside for now; but I’ve always suspected, though I cannot prove, that Geneseo Police Chief Eric Osganian knows all about this and has from the beginning.  If so, does he lead the Geneseo Police Department, or make a mockery of it?

There are countless people who are in prison who have never done anything quite so fulsomely criminal and morally degenerate as Dana Carson did here, and yet Carson continues to wear a badge and bring faux moral opprobrium to others as “law breakers”, more than eight years later.

I don’t know how he does it.  The depravity of it is simply unfathomable to me.

Update“Clearly if the officer had made stuff up he would have been in hot water,” Sgt. Sean Whitcomb of the Seattle Police Department told ABCNews.com.

Apparently Sgt. Whitcomb is dissembling, or he’s not familiar with Geneseo or Dana Carson.  Or Pottawattamie County v. McGhee, where the nation’s prosecutors maintained that officers can, indeed, “make stuff up” and it doesn’t violate anyone’s rights, drawing no rebuke from the US Supreme Court.

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