Misallocation Of Resources (Update)

It’s a sanitized phrase economists use.  But this only begins to describe what it means in the real world:

Even if it’s exaggerated, you get the idea. It shouldn’t take someone with an online masters in accounting to realize this disparity.

(h/t Propaganda Times)

UpdateThis should go without saying, but it probably doesn’t.



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7 responses to “Misallocation Of Resources (Update)

  1. Min

    Waddaya mean, misallocation? Don’t economists tell us that those homeless people are just taking a break from having a roof over their heads?


  2. The posters is not exaggerated at all , the numbers are available for anyone to check.


    • I didn’t mean to suggest that they were, I just didn’t know and no particular source was cited. The only apparent source being an entity self characterized as “propaganda”, however tongue in cheek that may be, I thought it best to make a contingent qualification.

      I strive to be fair and accurate, unlike some notable other news outlets.

      Thank you very much for stopping by. I love your graphics.


      • Thank you for posting them.
        I don’t cite sources because what I do is I compare different sources online and sometimes do average numbers based on many sources.

        I know the word “Propaganda” is a “bad word” but i am trying to create an objective form of it since it can be used for bad in most of the cases and good in some cases.

        Thank you again for posting it and if you ever need any more info please don’t hesitate to contact me through my website !


  3. isomorphismes

    Yeah, that is messed up. It’s like obesity in the US and starving-to-death in [insert famine zone].


  4. isomorphismes

    Part of the problem is surely that there aren’t always jobs / ways to make money where there are houses. Henry County, Indiana has hundreds of foreclosed homes, but if you squatted there, you wouldn’t be able to pay for food (w/o some kind of government benefit).


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