Scott Greenfield

I’m going to miss reading his stuff every day.  Well, almost every day.

He and I never got along, but I always thought it was mainly due to miscommunication.  I’ve commented over on his blog but he never commented over here.  Don’t know why that is.  I exchanged a few emails with him.  We never spoke over the phone and never met.  I mostly don’t have a phone is probably the reason.

I feel like I know him somewhat, in other words, but not thoroughly.  You get to know people in a peculiar way through their writing.  In some ways you might know them better than people who are much more intimate with them on the surface, but don’t read what they write.  But obviously there would be big gaps, too.

When I started this blog I called myself “Atticus Finch”.  It was a tongue in cheek thing.  I did it because I had read some post of Scott’s, at some point, where he used it as an example of trite and pretentious monikers that some lawyer blogger might take.  I kind of agreed with that and thought it would be funny.  But he never got the joke and then the whole amusement thing was lost in a cascade of noise about it.

I guess it wasn’t that funny to begin with, either.

Still, some trial lawyers are in pounce mode reflexively, without much circumspection.  Any circumspection, sometimes.  It’s a flaw.  I may have a flaw going the other way:  not pouncing soon enough, thinking too much before I act.  That would figure.  It was my biggest problem as a naval officer, long ago.  Or at least many of my superiors felt that way.  I could tell you stories.

I think Scott made a good decision hanging it up.  A five year, almost 5,000 post ongoing rant, for the most part, about the criminal justice system.  Within the parameters he set for himself, I think he hit it out of the park in many ways.  He also exhausted it.  There is little left to be said or done, within those parameters.

I look on that as an accomplishment, a significant one.  Obviously, I also think that the set parameters Scott observed have locked CDL’s, their clients, and practically the entire 99% into a losing position, along what might be called an unsustainable trend line.  It’s past time to address that.  Scott seemed unwilling to do it, at least on SJ, so perhaps in a different venue, then.

Or perhaps, wisely, he’s just taking a little time to reflect before pouncing again somewhere else, in some way I have no hope of predicting or categorizing.  I don’t know Scott Greenfield well, as I said, but it seems to me that would be just like him.


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