U.S. Department Of Fear

I added the satirical webpage to the blogroll, now at left.  But if you ever use twitter, whoever is running the site tweets pretty much all day, some of the funniest stuff you will read outside Stephen Colbert and Appellatesquawk, so I’d recommend following @FearDept.

From their webpage, the satirical self-description:

What is DoF?

“Without knowing what they ought to fear, US citizens might otherwise fail to support profitable national security initiatives.”

Malcolm P. Stag III, Secretary of Fear

DoF was established by an Executive Order signed by the Vice President in January 2004. The mandate of the agency is to promote fear in the interest of national security.

This blog is operated as a public service of DoF. Its goal is to promote the agency’s agenda and increase public awareness of DoF and its mission.

Our moto “Timendi causa est nescire” (ignorance causes fear), was bestowed by the Vice President.



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