The Irish (Update)

Ireland is my ancestral homeland; well, 3/4 of my ancestors, anyway.  I reportedly have some French and English, too.

But I digress.

I’ve been actively discussing financial matters in the comments section here.  Pulled out all the heavy rhetorical guns I know of.  Don’t know if I’ve hit anything.  My aim may not be as good as it used to be.

I’m tempted to say that if I can’t convince the Irish, of all people, that it’s time for a jubilee, the situation is probably hopeless.  But at this point desperate and hopeless and I are old friends, drinking buddies who stumble forward holding each other up, somehow inwardly certain that hopeless will soon reveal himself as an imposter.

Update:  Yes, hope springs eternal.  From a fellow commenter over on that Irish blog:

And yes to fix that error will not be ‘fair’ or even close to it – but I think the tide is slowly turning – the ordinary folk are beginning to realise that unless we help our neighbour, there’s no hope for me either.

Indeed.  We sink or swim together, and we’re on the fucking Titanic.


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2 responses to “The Irish (Update)

  1. Tim

    Thank you for taking the time to provide your views of the legal (moral) perspective of what is happening in Ireland on the website.

    The most apt term I’ve come across to describe what’s happened in Ireland is that “economic war crimes” have been committed against the people by the inner golden circle of bankers, developers and politicans.

    Bring on the Jubilee – the sooner the better.


    • Tim, you’re welcome. I like to share these views. They seem to be uncommon, and not always well received. But they strike me as being important.

      Just remember, when I talk about forgiveness of debts, which probably bespeaks a larger forgiveness as well, I would extend that to all the golden circle members as well. Let no one be left out. Let no one be punished, at least not by human hands. Start over with a clean slate from where we are now, with everyone solvent.

      And I certainly agree the sooner the better. There are already many casualties in this thing, they just don’t get any press. Part of the overall denial, I think.


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