Prosecutorial Irony, Occupy Style

Naomi Wolf has cast her lot with “Occupy”.  Got arrested and charged, along with other protesters, and everything.  Now she sees the judicial double standard and writes about it.

Good for her.  She can’t very well make prosecutors in Manhattan prosecute her or stop prosecuting others.  All she can do is point out the flagrant double standard as loudly as she can, and to her credit that’s what she has done.

The situation is thick with irony, though.  What is the real complaint of the 99%?  Sometimes I think it is not articulated too well, but what it boils down to is….there’s a double standard.  The 1% embezzle and lie and cheat on a grand scale and profit from it; the 99% are held to standards of scrupulous honesty, and the slightest detour into embezzlement, lying or cheating – like “food stamp fraud” – results in the immediate opprobrium of criminal prosecution and draconian punishment.

Then the government confronts those protesting this double standard, and in the process of addressing the protesters employs the very same double standard that is being protested in the first place.

You can’t make this shit up, as they say.


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Filed under financial crisis, Judicial lying/cheating, Striking lawyers, wrongful convictions

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