Oops, Our Bad

Is anyone going to care now?

But DNA testing this year on the hair and on other old evidence virtually eliminates Tribble as a suspect and completely clears Odom. Both men have completed their sentences and are on lifelong parole. They are now seeking exoneration in the courts in the hopes of getting on with their lives.

What lives?  Their saga in the criminal “justice” system began in 1978 and 1981.  Their lives are largely gone.

Notice how the defense lawyers didn’t get the memo, because they don’t matter.  Notice how this information would never have come out at all except for some people badgering the government with Freedom of Information requests for 12 years.  12 years.  And nothing has yet been done to right the wrongs; this is only the time it took to find out about them.

But don’t worry.  Now that we know everything, we’ll get to the remedy lickety-split, except:

Federal prosecutors declined to comment on Tribble’s and Odom’s specific claims, citing pending litigation.

One government official noted that Odom served an additional 16 months after his release for an unrelated simple assault that violated his parole.

No word on why the unnamed “government official” thinks the “unrelated” simple assault conviction is any more reliable than the earlier sexual assault conviction.  And, you know, what’s another 16 months at that point?

Maybe we’re just not up to this whole prosecuting and convicting thing.  Maybe we should just stop doing it entirely.


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