I Wish He Were Kidding

New York’s Attorney General is the chief law enforcement officer of the state – the juridisction – that is at the very heart of the “financial crisis”, which as I point out often is really a “rule of law” crisis.  Trillions of dollars are involved, and it is inconceivable that no corporate magnate types are responsible, although few if any have been held “accountable”, as they say, either civilly or criminally.

But some moron dishonestly makes off with a “Dora the Explorer” plastic toy jeep, and the AG is all over it.

Do you get the idea that priorities might be just a little out of whack in that office?

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One response to “I Wish He Were Kidding

  1. Zarepheth

    Not going after the financial institutions and those running them is definitely bad. Especially since the trillions of dollars involved in their fraud makes this guy’s theft of $68,000 seem like pennies in comparison.

    Still, based upon the limited information in the article, I feel no sympathy for the theif.


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