I remember reading about Sally Quinn decades ago and thinking how annoying she was.  Apparently she still is.

This is a short piece.  Just for fun, count the number of times the word “power” or a variant of it is used.

Still, where she ends up shows that even for her – a lifelong Washingtonian, CIA spawned mouthpiece for the MIC and all that is assoociated with it – there may be hope.  She seems to lament the passing of the “old” Washington, but her description of it hints darkly, and unselfconsciously, at a fundamentally sick and destructive vortex of competing and conflicting “interests” that nevertheless have one thing in common:  the worship of the thinly disguised, the barely concealed display of power.

It is at once vulgar and insufferably pretentious.  That’s the Washington Sally Quinn seems to miss.  The rest of us can only feel sorrow that it is not as thoroughly defunct as she believes it to be.


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  1. Min

    Welcome to the plutocracy.


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