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Violating James Holmes’ Doctor-Patient Privilege? (Updated)

You could certainly raise that issue about this development.

So, they seized the package Monday night, pursuant to a warrant signed by a judge, after the defendant had appeared in court with counsel Monday morning.  And now, of course, law enforcement “sources” are leaking the “chilling” content all over the place.

Do you think the warrant application was on notice to the defendant’s lawyers so that they could be heard on the issue?  Doesn’t appear so from the article, but then I’ll just raise this as a question instead of jumping to conclusions like the law enforcement sources apparently do.

It’s sad that a judge was so heedless of making a big error, although it’s probably sadder that it won’t make any difference that he did.

Update:  It seems Holmes’ attorneys got right on it.  Good for them.

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Fiscal Cliff

It’s structural.  And demographic.  There is really nothing the president or the congress can do about it.

We should come to grips with that.  If we want to do something about it we’re going to have to do it ourselves.

And that’s just as it should be.  We need to recover our sense of self government, and for all the carping about “personal responsibility” there is something of a collective responsibility we ought to cultivate an awareness of, too.  It’s not as easy to define or identify as “personal” responsibility, but then again we don’t seem to do the personal thing too well, either.

The linked article by Robert Samuelson, one of the consummate Washington insiders, is significant for reasons I’m sure he doesn’t grasp.  He points obliquely to the demographic problem at the end.  And the fact is, that after the law – this is a rule of law crisis, not an “economic” one, remember? – demography is the next most important aspect of our plight to consider.

There is an incipient generational conflict in all this.  The baby boomers, now firmly in place as the older generation – have run up a fantastic pile of entitlement chits – that is, claims upon the efforts of their children, a group that is relatively meager in size because that’s what the boomers wanted when it suited them.

And their children are balking.  And they should.

Now, this is also tied in with the monetary system we have, because at bottom all that system really consists of are chits where some people make claims upon the efforts of others.  We’re all scrambling to be claimants rather than claimees, of course, and none so much as the baby boom generation itself.

It was easy to see this coming a generation ago.  I did.  In my one campaign for public office – congress – and in response to a question from an incredulous news reporter, I publicly asserted that social security was a doomed ponzi scheme and that we had better have a lot more children and then phase it out.

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