It’s insidious.  It’s as if it happens to you from outside when you’re not looking.  In matters great and small.

So it’s important to look.  Often in the mirror.

(h/t Glenn Greenwald)



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3 responses to “Corruption

  1. Jubilee

    While Hayes’s acknowledgement of corruption is commendable, he falls into the same trap as most.

    He has difficulty admitting that the “meritocracy” might predominantly reflect the abilities that are most important to TPTB: subservience to authority no matter the wrong, class loyalty, and a desire to exploit.

    The weeding out process does a good job (not perfect though) excluding those with the “required” intelligence who do not display the really important values.

    He also neglects to contrast how the “meritocrat” is allowed repeated failures, and is even encouraged to fail, as they ascend into greatness compared with the severe punishment even a single failure has to the Everyman.

    Does it come as a grand surprise that the typical meritocrat expects to be rewarded for persistent failures as they ripple through the rest of society.


  2. Jubilee

    This is one of the most interesting opinion pieces Bill Black has written in awhile.


    • Yes, good article. A bit long. I have read those themes from Black before, including the Gresham’s law idea that unchecked dishonesty makes honesty impossible because the latter is a losing proposition.


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