Casey Anthony Probation Ends

Taking the larger view, she really should leave the country.

She was acquitted, but the prosecution itself was and is ruinous, and the damage is irremediable.  The acquittal, a remarkable and supremely difficult feat by her lawyer, cannot hope to undo what the oh-so-easy-to-bring charges did the moment they were filed.

How disingenuous:  there is little doubt that the same people who would have reveled in a guilty verdict as personal vindication will put absolutely no stock in an acquittal.  It just makes them mad.

And for that reason, among others, time is more or less confirming what I pointed out more than a year ago, before the acquittal:  there’s really no “winning” a case like Casey Anthony’s.


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Filed under Judicial lying/cheating, Striking lawyers, wrongful convictions

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