MF Global/Corzine Prompts Lawyer Strike

But this is of a slightly different kind.

The guy’s name is James Karger and he is, or was, a lawyer.  But he has retreated to the desert hills of Mexico, apparently, and views relevant events from afar, albeit with a level of disgust that suggests he is not all that detached, yet.

Lawyers like James Karger are important, inasmuch as they see through the mountain of insane bullshit to get to the simple issue:  if the feds, or some other government, isn’t going to prosecute or even investigate Jon Corzine over the MF Global spectacle, where do they get off investigating or prosecuting anyone?

I mean, let’s be clear about this.  They’re still prosecuting lots of people.  I am personally aware of prosecutions for “food stamp fraud”, “medicaid fraud”, and so on.  And one in particular is such a lousy prosecution it’s astonishing they’re even doing it.

Some lawyers are coming to the conclusion that it’s time to surrender and stop fighting.  But as Louis XV supposedly and famously remarked:  apres moi le deluge


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One response to “MF Global/Corzine Prompts Lawyer Strike

  1. When the list of truly reptilian public prosecutors is drawn up – ones with absolutely no humanity, no spark of kindness visible anywhere, Manhattan DA Cy Vance is going to be on it. It will be a rather long list. It will include the one’s who co-operated with the infamous “hanging” Judge Jeffreys, the French Reign of Terror’s Committee of Public Safety, those who ran the courts for Stalin and Hitler – and we haven’t even touched on the South American dictatorships. More than a list, it will be a heavy volume of names of men (it’s almost always men) who, for reasons ranging from venality to fear for their own safety, abandoned any claim to simple human decency – prosecuting the weak, the helpless and the outspoken.


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