For the thousandth time in the last 30 years, we are on the brink of “war” with Iran and must now mark the occasion with appropriate seriousness by trotting out that beltway military sage, Anthony Cordesman.

Has anyone noticed that this or that Iran flap has occurred on a cyclical basis for as long as anyone can remember?  The “nightmare scenario” of a nuclear Iran with missile capability, Mr. Krauthammer?

Ever hear of North Korea?  The government of Iran is a model of openness, stability and sanity by comparison, yet life on earth has not ceased because of  nuclear North Korea.

Fair interpretation:  all the serial sabre rattling over Iran is just so much bluster to keep everyone whipped up and dollars flowing to the Pentagon.  After all, war is a racket.

Moreover, whatever you might think about Israel and their occasionally bellicose government pronouncements, they are neither stupid nor crazy.  Thus an Israeli pre-emptive strike against Iran is not possible – except in theory.  Not to mention that the country that most wants to see big changes in Iran is not Israel, but Saudi Arabia.  Israel might oblige Saudi Arabia rhetorically, but they’re not going to play dog to Saudi Arabia’s tail.

Granted, the US might blunder into something just God-awful due to sheer armed hyper-activity coupled with abundant opportunities for miscalculation.  But cutting against this is a track record of 30 years of empty posturing, a track record demonstrating phony brinksmanship and fakery and little else.

In sum, the whole subject has become wearisome.  Kind of like bankster corruption:  a lot of words flow, a lot of money changes hands and/or disappears, but in the end nobody does anything because it’s too hard.


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  1. the islamic regime of iran has e very lousy track record fomenting war and killing hundreds of thousnd irainians, persecuting woman, raping prisnores, stoning and amputating convicts etc. . real ‘tikun olsm’ whill be bringing democracy to iran.


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