Classic Gary North (Updated)

He’s completely out to lunch here, but of course is disinclined to admit it and impervious to correction.  But then that, of course, is the Gary North MO.

I don’t know where he gets the idea that lawyers who resign or turn in their bar cards are invariably in disciplinary trouble.  There’s a chasm of ignorance at work on this one, not that this deters Mr. North in the slightest.

Let us not tarry further with it, though.

Update:  He’s still at it.  Gary North finds one lawyer who agrees with his “analysis” of the Obama law license thing; that is, that Barack and Michelle Obama, in surrendering their law licenses, must have done so on pain of being found to have committed some sort of misconduct or crime if they had not done so.  From this anecdote from the presumed attorney he concludes that his “analysis” is correct and that all of the arguments to the contrary – that is, that such resignations from the practice of law often have nothing to do with a disciplinary problem – are “silly”.

I don’t think this is senility.  I just think that North has, and has always had, some serious defects in his ability to reason that are occasionally exposed in this or that context.  Then on top of that he has some kind of personality disorder that magnifies the errors he commits due to these defects, as if at some level he is aware that he is far off the mark and responds by denying it with all the more intensity, even as the error becomes all the more obvious.

This recent obsessive North topic is a case in point.  The fact that something is possible does not make it certain.  This is too basic an idea to spend much time on, but in context it means that sure, there may be times when a lawyer or judge is permitted to gracefully bow out and resign rather than face formal discipline, but that does not mean that resignations are always or even often for that reason, or indeed even that some sort of unspoken scandal is ever really present.

Indeed, in New York voluntary attorney resignations are available only when there are no disciplinary issues, at least pending, or formally.

I don’t know why North continues to gnaw on this bone, but then irrationality is frequently unfathomable, isn’t it?



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One response to “Classic Gary North (Updated)

  1. Well, he seems to be detached from this world. I mean even in debates, he never answer base on the opponents remarks but continue to propagate his own ideas. I read 1 of his books and I was pretty unimpressed. It seems that his is propagating ideas that are kinda like fairy tales and that no scientist and real christian would take his words seriously. I do not know how is it possible that people actually take him seriously. He seem to be disattached in so many areas. Religion,Science, Social issues and even economics. I really do not know why how he can be taken so seriously in organization like or even mises where both organization takes knowledge seriously. Maybe the reason is because he is indeed a good writer.


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