It’s the dark side of the cop/prosecutor personality.

You remember Tawana Brawley or Steven Pagones?  Neither does just about anyone else.  But the episode involving both of them that made headlines a quarter of a century ago can still stir passions over at the New York Post, a right leaning tabloid that can probably spike its readership with a little race baiting here and there.

Al Sharpton, who in all likelihood drove the whole thing those many years ago, is admittedly a jerk and a tempting target.

But still.  Now we have to try to collect $400 grand from a 40 year old single mother, for something she did when she was 15?  And the New York Post is cheering?

Read the article.  She was “exposed” years ago for her “unbelievable lies” and went into hiding with her “fugitive-like antics” until finally…

But The Post finally found Brawley last month, effectively leading Pagones and his lawyer to her.


How about that?  The Post made itself a participant in its own “news” story.

So the Post is trying to sell papers and stooping to extremely low levels of tawdriness and indecency doesn’t bother them.  What about Pagones, though?

“There is a feeling of unfinished business to it,” he said of the case that ended his career and cost him his marriage. “I look at this as another opportunity for her to tell the truth.


Well, it’s not clear to me how the Tawana Brawley case could have “ended his career and cost him his marriage”, but you know what?  That’s happened to me and a lot of people don’t seem to appreciate it or understand – or want to – so I’ll take him at his word on that.

But as far as even that – and “the truth” – goes, he’s not the only one who has wound up on the receiving end of officially approved but mangled and falsified versions of events, and having been a prosecutor there’s a strong likelihood that he inflicted the same thing on others.  Possibly many others.

If Pagones wants people held accountable for not telling the truth he can weigh in on this.  And apply the same scrupulous standards to overpaid police officers as he does to 15 year old girls.  And to prosecutors like himself, or at any rate his former self.

And let’s not even get into how much “accountability” has been visited upon the banksters.

It seems at this point that this saga has less to do with “holding people accountable” and “the truth” than the social status of the victims v. the social status of the guilty parties.  The New York Post can sell papers, not to mention curry favor with police and prosecutors that can continue to feed it juicy details, by its  fawning devotion to Pagones and partisan reporting on this story.

But Pagones should perhaps gain some perspective here and not let himself be used.


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