Lindsay Lohan – This Is Sad (Updated)

She’s apparently broke.

I’ve never seen a movie of hers in its entirety, just a scene here or there.  I must admit she seemed a talented actress and one of those people that commands attention when on the screen.

I’ve noticed a lot of her reported personal and legal troubles because they are all over the web and you can’t help but notice.

Early fame and success can be such a curse.  It’s cruel and kind of warped, but the flip side of all the adoration is a mean-spirited contempt that surfaces when the object of adoration has sufficiently stumbled in the minds of the increasingly fickle public.

While I think the NY Post’s nick-naming practices (“LiLo) are kind of funny, they really spend way too much ink on stories from the gutter, and in an effort to lead figurative lynch mobs, as we have pointed out before, just recently.  I know the news business is tough right now, but …

Update:  Must be something in the wind, or the blizzard, but here’s another article from this morning – though much longer and more extensive – that appear ed on Yahoo dealing with the same subject.


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