Another Slow News Day

Some lady is charged with stealing some swimsuits from Walmart.  I’m not kidding.  This is an actual reported “news” story, with a mugshot and everything.

But an even bigger story – I mean, headlining the whole crop of Important Things We Need To Know Today- was that a man was caught by police burglarizing an auto repair shop.  In Penfield.

When there isn’t anything else to report, or at any rate they can’t think of anything “worth” reporting even though there’s a ton of stuff *, this is what they resort to:  the obsequious exercise of parroting the narrative of the powers that be.  This is done day in and day out, year after year.

It promotes lazy minds and thinking, and then those lazy minds vote and sit on juries.

This media habit is a deceptively large part of the problem.

*  N.B.  Local (and national) media reported almost nothing about the astounding linked episode, not because it didn’t demonstrably happen but because it was outside the approved narrative and no “official” would confirm it for them.  Disturbingly, attorneys are not regarded as “officials” unless they are prosecutors or hold some other government paid position, but police officers are regarded as officials.


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