Casey Anthony – It May Never Be Over

She hasn’t been able to do much since being acquitted in the highest profile criminal trial since OJ Simpson’s in the mid-90’s.

Other than file for bankruptcy.

So in her appearance for the 341 hearing (meeting of creditors) she is besieged by media, with an especially obnoxious and thuggish performance by one Kathi Belich of WFTV in Orlando, I guess.

You can view the melee here.

I don’t know what Ms. Belich thought she was going to accomplish by asking “Did you get away with murder?” over and over.  “Thought” is a term that probably overestimates Ms. Belich considerably.

This would be a “thought”:  inasmuch as she was actually acquitted of any kind of homicide charge, we might at least consider the possibility that Casey Anthony really is innocent.  And if that is the case she has not only lost her toddler daughter – every parent’s worst nightmare – and gone through the terrible ordeal of having been tried for killing her, but she must continue to endure extreme hostility from what appears to be the larger part of the public.  And on top of that she is subject to inane and despicable conduct directed at her by a media which seeks some kind of vindication by perpetually wallowing in its initial wrongheadedness about the whole thing.

Maybe more of those kinds of videos should circulate.  The media appear shrill to the point of being repulsive, completely unable to restrain themselves.  They’re making Casey Anthony look like a comparatively class act.

And in fact she is.



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3 responses to “Casey Anthony – It May Never Be Over

  1. Surprise, surprise…..The media and their bleating sheep followers are determined to make her “pay” indefinitely for “getting away with murder”. Belich can’t possibly have expected an answer to her ridiculous question, it was designed solely to make Casey feel uncomfortable and embarrass her publicly by reminding her of her “guilt”. Having been “failed” by the justice system due to the jury “idiots” the media and public lynch mobs have decreed that Casey must “pay” with her severely limited lifestyle and as much money as all the convoluted lawsuits can squeeze out of her.
    The Zenaida Gonzales suit is a farce. There are hundreds of women who have some variation of this name in Florida and this particular woman doesn’t even have the middle name that Casey cited, nor does she by any stretch of the imagination fit the purported age or physical description Casey gave. The woman is a fame glutton and gold-digger.
    The Texas Equusearch suit is also inconsistent. They search for missing children, which by implication means that a large number of their cases are under circumstances where someone is hiding something about the child’s disappearance – that is the fundamental nature of the vast majority of situations they are trying to resolve. Do they then sue for “time wasted” or for having been “misled” every paedophile, child-killer or accomplice who eventually emerges as a perpetrator connected to a child they are seeking? Would they have sued Casey had she been convicted? Absolutely not. I forget on what premise Kronk’s lawsuit is based, but no doubt it is for some equally gratuitous and disingenuous motive, taking advantage of the sweeping trend of revenge-seekers.
    So much about this case is sick. It was so much easier, intellectually less challenging and ego-satisfying to opt for the fairy tale of the deceptively beautiful “evil” white witch who murdered her innocent child, despite there being no indication whatsoever that she had any motivational or behavioural tendencies to lead her to such an act. How simplistic to then extend her “demonic” nature to ungratefulness towards her long-suffering parents and a cruel attempt to throw her father “under the bus.”
    What would have been much more complicated, time-consuming, expensive and mentally mind-boggling for law-enforcement, the justice system and a brain-numbed public would have been to entertain the idea that Casey’s strange behaviours of many years’ standing might actually have been rooted in some kind of severe psychological trauma. Consideration that the circumstances around Caylee’s death and consequent disposal of her body might have been predicated on issues within the Anthony family that were not of Casey’s making was far too tedious and inconvenient a prospect – and importantly, much less marketable to the media.
    Belich single-handedly personified the intellectual, moral and professional laziness that appears to predominate in so many sectors of society, and Casey is a sorry victim of that disgusting self-serving culture.
    Good for her for showing up without going in through the back door. I thought she could have worn that hat, wrapped a scarf around her face and strutted in, head held high instead of the unfortunate and rather ungainly head-crush she had to undergo by Cheney Mason who was trying his best to protect her. He is not a young man and the run was obviously physically strenuous so it was equally despicable that the media had no respect for his personal space and safety. On arriving inside the court house there was the sound of someone huffing and puffing from the exertion but I couldn’t make out if it was Casey.
    Could she not take out a restraining order against the media to remain a certain distance from her?
    I believe Casey is innocent of the charges levied against her and that there is something rotten in the “state of Denmark” that was shamefully disregarded and that probably now, will never be reconsidered – at least in the courts.
    Unfortunately, Casey’s class act will never be acknowledged.


    • Good comment. Very insightful. Like your blog, too.


      • Thank you – my response ended up much longer than I had originally intended as I feel very strongly about this case, so after posting it I refined and elaborated it, did some research on the Kronk suit and an expanded version became one of my own blog posts – thanks for the kick-off! I would be very glad to have your opinions/comments now and again on my blog posts. My background is not legal, though I have worked in the courts with CINA cases – I come from a psychology/psychiatry/developmental perspective.


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