I love Glenn Greenwald, but he obviously doesn’t have much experience trying cases:

All of this highlights why it’s so odious to prosecute and convict people in a newspaper after you execute them, rather than in a court of law before you end their life. As but one example, the statements about Awlaki from attempted underwear bomber Umar Abdulmutallab on which the NYT heavily relies to assert Awlaki’s guilt would have been subjected to intense cross-examination to see if they were simply the results of Abdulmutallab giving the government what they wanted – namely, statements that incriminated someone they wanted to kill – in exchange for favors as part of his plea agreement…But that kind of critical scrutiny only happens in courtrooms, with due process.


It’s sad how seldom courtrooms apply “critical scrutiny” to government allegations or “due process” for the disfavored litigant.  When lawyers do their jobs, though, it happens.



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