Odious Rick Perry Of Texas

He’s right that neither John McCain nor Mit Romney are entitled to call themselves “conservative”.

But if you go to a roomfull of political conservative operatives in DC and start haranguing about law & order and immigrants, that’s just shameless pandering:

“This president’s posture, it’d be laughable if he hadn’t taken it one step too far, dangerously releasing criminals onto our streets to make a political point,” Perry told the crowd at CPAC. “When you have a federally-sponsored jailbreak, and don’t get confused, that’s exactly what that is — when you’ve had a federally-sponsored jailbreak, you’ve crossed the line from politics of spin to politics as a craven form of cynicism.”


We never release “criminals” onto our farms or into our villages.  Always onto our “streets”.

There’s a subtle racial dig there, but everyone in attendance gets it I’m sure.

Every sensible person is, of course, deathly afraid of a “jailbreak”.  So you get that word in twice in quick succession.  Then there’s the inevitable psychological-projection-cum-preemptive-accusation:  what could be more “craven” and “cynical” than trying to whip up a crowd over some probably meaningless and overdue administrative reductions in the prison population?

What a dinosaur.  The time is coming, maybe soon, when this kind of idiotic fear mongering will no longer sell, even in Texas.


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  1. Min

    “We never release “criminals” onto our farms or into our villages. Always onto our “streets”.

    Yeah. Let’s leave them in the banks where they belong. 😉


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