Another Legislative Solution In Search Of A Problem: A Dog’s Life

Stemming from a recent incident in which a police dog was killed in the line of duty, the New York Leg has swung into action and proposes to make it a felony to kill – or even ‘injure’, whatever that may come to mean – a law enforcement dog.

Just as police-persons are to be in a special category when someone kills or injures them, so also with police-pets it seems.  The real question is whether police pets are higher up the pecking order than non-police persons.

Of course the guys at Popehat and Radley Balko have chronicled police shooting/killing of family pets over the past several years (e.g., here and here), and those kinds of incidents appear to be far more numerous and far more deserving of legislative attention that the exceedingly rare instances where police dogs are harmed.

But never mind.  The political dynamics here are all too familiar, and all too tedious at this point.


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