Explain This

The media were all over the arrest – before it even happened.

The point is purely rhetorical.  There is no explanation other than the obvious one:  law enforcement and the media are way too cozy.  It may be that the New York Post is one of the worst offenders in this regard, but it’s a problem across the board.

The ramifications of this are, shall we say, significant.  I’m displaying rare restraint and understatement there.

For example, lots of handwringing, “fear” and “wondering” by law enforcement all over the country in the wake of the assassination of the District Attorney of Kaufman County, Texas and his wife.  Now, I shouldn’t have to say this again but I will:  this was a terrible, heinous and despicable act by whoever did it.  I’m not equivocating on that.

The point is, we all know about it.  It’s a “harrowing saga”.

But why isn’t this a harrowing saga that everyone knows about?

And this is just a tiny sample of – what shall we call it? – disparity of treatment.  When you look at it objectively, it’s a steady drumbeat of one very lopsided viewpoint fed to the public day after day after day, in ways big and small, subtle and not-so-subtle.  I mean, look at this.  The cops are not just looking for a rapist; they are looking for a “fiend”.

That’s the not-so-subtle part.

Does this affect the jury pool?  You’d better believe it.



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