SS United States

This is a worthy cause.  Other things trump it, of course.  But it’s one of the things that reminds me of how much money is thrown down the rat hole of the Wall Street – Washington – financial class while far better uses go begging.

It’s been in Philly for a long time (too long, from the looks of it in the photo gallery), but for all the years I was on active duty the ship was in Norfolk.  Kind of a fixture on the skyline north of the city between downtown and the enormous naval base.  It would catch your eye every once in a while and you’d wonder:  what are they going to do with it?

Well, unless somebody does something pretty soon what they’re going to do with it is turn it over to the scrap yard.  I agree with the designer’s grand-daughter:  that would be a shame.  I realize more than most people that preserving a large ship, even to keep it tied up to a pier, is a very expensive and labor intensive undertaking.  But that ship is a singular artifact of American history.  I mean, if the Titanic had ever been raised, would anyone dream of scrapping it, no matter how expensive it was to maintain it?

Different league as far as artifacts go.  I know that.  But it’s the same idea.


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